Welcome to The Seed House in Chestertown, MD!   We are currently building you a brand new website.  For now, while we’re busy crafting in the inter-webs, please check out our yoga class schedule and check in to your yoga classes at clients.mindbodyonline.com.  

If you are looking to schedule a service such as Massage, Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, Reiki, Reflexology, One to One Yoga or Vibrational Attunement (Sound Healing), you can schedule online HERE.  You can also call us at 410-778-2860 or email us at buzz@seedhousehive.com.


“I thought you could only get food like this in NY” -Anonymous

Right Here in Chestertown MD

“Every time I am here, I leave a happier more relaxed person. Thank you for creating a space I genuinely look forward to practicing in.” -Taylor A.

A Space for Beautiful Yoga Practice

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The Journey Home

Down to the 0 kilometer marker, I have come farther along the Camino that I have before, the last few days taking me through enchanted forests that are characteristic of Galicia, but here near the coast, there is salt air and eucalyptus.  It is cool, damp and herbal, and the sound of crashing waves when … Continue reading The Journey Home

Fostering Compassion

One of the inspirations for The Seed House was to create a resource that would foster compassion in health care providers.  Being a surgeon, I have special interest in the challenges of providing care in an increasingly financially oriented medical system and rekindling the original sacred intention to relieve suffering that most doctors dreamt of … Continue reading Fostering Compassion

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